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53North believe there is a better way to care for physical assets. Therefore, 53North provide a fiscally sound and proactive approach that utilises expertise combined with applied sciences, risk management techniques and condition-based technologies to ensure that the optimum performance can be achieved.

The services are business aligned, risk balanced, less invasive, data driven and standardised to ensure its clients get the most value from their assets with sustainable improvements. 53North are passionate about helping companies adopt an asset management standard that has real meaning through the provision of asset care, reliability and lubrication-based services that are targeted at delivering real world improvements in manufacturing performance.

We are the experts

53North’s standards, principles, technologies and services are all built on the documented science of life cycle asset management but remain in keeping with each of its client’s corporate policies to support management and people engagement. 53North have a vast amount of experience in the application and delivery of asset care solutions.

Our Aim

Simply put, 53North aim to improve performance in all areas. The productivity, safety, efficiency and reliability of the physical assets is fundamental, therefore 53North focus on the physical mechanisms, the development of maintenance practice and provide support to the people who are practising it. This includes the development of Asset Care Packages and Preventative Maintenance Standards to improve equipment life cycles.

Providing the Elements for Total Asset Care

53North Group has a range of maintenance and asset care elements that are laid out in our asset care table above. These elements are split into departments that are targeted at manufacturing organisations, each designed to support different client needs. The four departments are supported by a range of products, and are listed under headers below. Whilst each department will provide its own specific benefits, most will often be combined rather than delivered individually to meet the customer’s requirements.

Our Services

Asset 6@1.5x
Asset 5@1.5x
Asset 9@6x
Asset 8-01
Asset 6@6x

Meaningful, Measurable and Memorable

Benefits we’ve delivered so far

50152 Offline PM hours reduced
£47 million Cost Avoidance (through early failure detection)
£9.6 million Energy Cost Savings Identified
3754 Health and Food Safety work orders raised
21322 Machine FMEA & PM's created


53North services are mainly focused on the retail market for FMCGs, whereby high manufacturing performance, safety and cost-effective maintenance solutions are critical.

53North deliver application of the latest technologies and sciences with engineering and process knowledge to customers in the following categories:

53 Applications

53North have developed an online system to support its asset care partners, it is a data driven system with a business focused front end for CBM and Asset Care support.

The application of science for engineering evolution

Asset Care Datums Introduced
Oil Samples Analysed
Training Hours Delivered


53 North Apprenticeship Program- Investing in the future

Continuing with the company’s traditional investment in young people and the future, we are happy to welcome Evan Ruddick into the team. He is our new recruit, and he will be part of our Apprenticeship Program which will see him spending some time at university whilst developing his technical skills in house, in the Data Analytical Centre.

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53 North welcomes Daniel Sethi

This summer 53North were happy to welcome Daniel Sethi to the team. Daniel will be part of the Reliability team, carrying out Condition Based Monitoring for our customers.

In his spare time Daniel enjoys playing pool, computers (upgrading his personal PC) and Formula 1 racing.

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53North Celebrate 10 Years

We are thrilled to share the exciting highlights from 53 North Group’s 10th anniversary party! It was a joyous occasion where we gathered to celebrate a decade of hard work, achievements, and the incredible growth of our company. The event was held at the scenic residence of our Managing Director, creating a warm and intimate ambiance for our employees, partners, and friends of the business.

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James Youngman joins the 53 North team

James Youngman joins the 53 North team.

53North would like to welcome James Youngman to the team. James will be working within our ever-growing Data Analysis Centre and further support customer service. He also brings knowledge and experience in oil analysis into the team, having worked for over 4 years in this area.

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National Apprenticeship Week

Apprenticeships are critical to business, providing a with a way to develop skilled employees who can meet the specific needs of their organization. By training employees in-house, businesses can ensure that their workforce has the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their jobs effectively. This can improve productivity, competitiveness, and job satisfaction, as well as reduce turnover. Additionally, apprenticeships can help businesses to develop a pipeline of skilled workers and can foster a positive corporate culture.

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53 North, investing in young people.

53North are proud to invest in young people and welcome two Apprentice Data Analysts to our dedicated Data Analytical Centre. Both are undertaking a Data Analysis Level 3 Apprenticeship. Both our young people felt that learning in a real working environment was the way to go for them.

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53North Group, 53North House, Caxton Way, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S25 3QE


53North Group, 53North House, Caxton Way, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S25 3QE

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