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53North undertake surveys on utility losses and to quantify opportunities to make appropriate savings.

53North look at utility waste streams, wherever they may be occurring, this is primary energy in the forms of gas, electricity, water and trade effluent.

53North have written, developed and introduced many safe systems of work within factory environments. Covering aspects such as, lifting operations, pressure systems, hot work, LOTO, working at height, working with asbestos and asset change control.  When adopted, these SSOW’s can help provide safer working environments whilst supporting the business achieve its legal compliance objectives.

An ESOS audit is mandatory energy survey for large businesses. Ones that require a permit to operate (Environmental permit). If your business has more than 250 employees or £38.9mio turnover It will likely need one. This also means that you must audit all aspects of your energy used for heating, fuel for transport, energy used for production etc. (Failure to do so can incur a £50,000 fine). 53North specialise in this this type of energy auditing within manufacturing and food industries. We have found that many ESOS audits across industry have been completed.  However, some audits have left companies struggling to convert the theoretical data into viable and realistic energy saving projects. From the outset 53North will work with you and your contractors, providing the data and pragmatic approaches to unlocking as much of the energy savings identified as feasibly possible.

PUWER Regulations 1998. 53North can support your business with meeting its legal compliance obligations in this area. We can provide you with independent advice, from or experienced Engineering Managers and PUWER trained Electrical Engineers. We can offer overview reports, risk assessments and gap analysis of the physical guarding of machinery, machine interlocking and electrical safety.

53North have developed change control systems in order to provide a systematic approach to manage change. Change to any asset, method or system. The purpose of change control is to prevent any adverse consequences as a result of an uncontrolled change. Records of changes should be made and reviewed, to minimise risks that may otherwise be introduced, to plant, process, system or procedures. 53North can develop a workable and pragmatic change control system designed specifically to help meet your needs.

A number of 53North’s elements can be used in support Heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning units. Predictive failure analysis using the reliability services can be used in critical applications. 53North also install systems to monitor energy usage and flow rates in order to initiate maintenance plans. Unnecessary maintenance and energy costs can then be cut out in order to initiate effective maintenance plans and prevent unnecessary maintenance and energy costs.

The isolation & locking-off of all sources of energy, is the prime method of making equipment safe prior to work. LOTO (lock out test out) is a crucial safe system of work to ensure your employees can operate, clean and maintain your equipment safely. 53North have written some very robust LOTO standards, this has helped several large organisations adopt this methodology. In doing so they have achieved high levels of legal compliance and best practice.



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